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White Water Rafting
The Sabie River provides 20 rapids (grade 2–3) with areas of scenic vegetation and outstanding wildlife viewing. This 8km route is yielding to the novice, yet accommodating to the thrill seeker within all of us. Swimming, bum sliding and wave surfing with a boogie board at “Devil’s Knuckle”.
Duration: Half Day – 2.5 hours, cold beverages and snacks included.
Full Day – 4 hours, picnic lunch along the scenic riverbanks.

An activity for the thrill seeker! Face your fears and step over the edge into oblivion…
Abseiling is commonly practiced the world over as a method of descending a rope in a safe and controlled manner. Our abseil experience takes place at Makuhlu, a 27m high granite rock face overlooking the Kruger Park. This towering boulder is the ideal abseil venue, with an easy hike up the back of the cliff and a vertical drop at the front. Great rock formations and breathtaking views ads spice to this adrenalin packed experience.
Duration: 4 hours, cold beverages and snacks included.

Quad Biking
Our Quad biking adventure will exceed all your expectations. Trails runs through the most scenic Sabie River Valley, winding along the Sabana River, indigenous vegetation, mountain hills and other streams. Inclusive of cold beverages and snacks. The tracks vary from technical to very easy so we have something to offer the expert as well as the beginner.
Halfway we have a quick stop for soft drinks and snacks before we get back to serious Quad Biking.
An activity for the adventurous! Explore areas uninhabited by man while enjoying yourself: rock hopping, bum sliding, pool crawling, hiking, river traversing and throwing yourself over the edge into breathtaking pools. You cannot deny yourself this opportunity to experience the outdoors with all your senses:
SEE beautiful scenery.
SMELL different plants and flowers.
FEEL the warmth of the sun and the chill of the water.
TOUCH rock polished by the flow of water over thousands of years.
TASTE the adventure of a lifetime. Duration: 4 hours, cold beverages and snacks included.
Horse Trails
Become one with nature as you enjoy the beautiful Lowveld scenery of the Sabana River, indigenous bush and fruit orchards on horse back. Small game and hippo are still roaming around in the area and might be spotted on your trail. Abundant bird life makes bird watching a feast; so don’t forget your binoculars. We accommodate both advanced and novice riders. Kids and first timers are also welcome.

Mountain Biking
Buffed endless downhill’s, grueling climbs, fast rollers and technical problems that rattle your teeth - all the ingredients found in real mountain biking!
Induna Adventures offers from easy to very difficult single tracks and the scenery is out of this world. Beginners and experience riders are all welcome.
Duration: 1,5 hours, cold beverages and snacks included.
o Starting time: 7:30 / 8:30 / 16:00 / 17:00

Sunset Cruise
Enjoy nature’s tranquilizing effect while watching the African sunset over a picturesque dam. Floating on an inflatable raft at sunset is a unique experience and allows you to kick back, forget about your troubles and relax completely. Delicacies and liqueurs are served on a floating table by candlelight.
Paint Ball
We will supply the paintball “guns”, paintballs and protective eyewear (according to paintball regulations), as well as protective clothing for the players. It is a fun, healthy and technical exercise.
While there are many different types of games, all involve strategy, stealth and quick thinking.
Climbing Wall
The 16m climbing wall has 3 levels of difficulty to cater for your very first time, to experiences climbers. Our qualified guides and quality equipment makes climbing at Induna Adventures SAFE.
Climbing is a sport using strength tempered by technique, it is a balance between anxiety and determination finding pathways through the impossible. It is a playground that prepares you mentally for life. Stability balance and leg strength are the key factors, not upper-body strength so it is perfect for all ages and sexes, from expert climbers to keen kids. It will leave you satisfied & on top of the world!
Winding along the scenic Mac-Mac River, this is an easy walk of about 5 kilometers. Lush vegetation and an impressive amount of bird, tree and fish species are to be found in the ample stretches of shade and riverbanks. Bum sliding and swimming in the cool water pools of the Mac-Mac River ensures a day filled with fun and laughter.
Outdoor Strategic games
“As the challenge increase, so does the need for teambuilding.”
Solving unusual situations through cooperation of the group members. The ideal choice to evaluate the dynamics in a group. The aim is to improve cohesion in the group, in order to improve working relations and efficiency in the workplace. Decision making, effective and clear communication, trust and teamwork are necessary prerequisites for finding solutions to the given problems.

Motivational Speaker / Mental Coach
We focus primarily on both personal and team development. The individual gets to know him/herself. The next step is to get to know and learn more about their colleagues.

With personal development we focus on the individual in total. We start by doing a temperament analysis from where we move on to daily issues such as beating stress, becoming a good listener, balance between body, mind and soul, how to stop your stinking thinking and how to live each day to its fullest.

Other daily issues such as how to handle confrontations, working with difficult people, giving and receiving recognition, how to cope with negative feedback and creative problem solving are also included in some of our packages.