Big Five Country and Panorama presents......

Come with us on a very special Bush and Culture Excursion that combines the best the Lowveld has to offer!!   We collect you at your hotel in the late afternoon and take you to the Kruger National Park in an open 4x4 Safari Vehicle. Here you can experience the early evening magic of the African bush  in our 2,000ha private Mdluli concession, where we take you off-road on dirt tracks into the wilderness.

Experience the thrill of the longest aerial cable trail in Africa! Launch yourself into the space above the tree top canopy - glide over the valley - breathe in the magic of true, unspoilt nature from the elevated platforms. Spend a morning or afternoon overcoming your earthly fears and let your spirit soar high above the trees in this corner of the real Africa! 10 elevated platforms link the various sections of the 1,2km trail. Sections vary from 70m to 230 meters. The tour takes approximately 3 hours to complete, and is suitable for all ages. Children under the age of 10 are assisted by our guides.

HAZYVIEW - We take you to a 30m granite rock near the Kruger National Park, with stunning views over the Lowveld! Guaranteed minimum of 2 abseils per person, more depending on group size. A fantastic way to spend the afternoon! An activity for the thrill seeker!  Face your fears and step over the edge into oblivionů
Duration: 4 hours, cold beverages and snacks included     

On this Xtreme activity, you are required to climb over the bridge railing of the 30m high Sabie Falls Bridge and jump back as far as you can, to end up swinging into the picturesque gorge of the Sabie Falls, screaming as far as gravity will allow you to utter a sound. You will be kitted out with a full body safety harness, before our adventure guides assist you in taking flight for a few breath-taking minutes. Booking essential - certain days only   

SABIE - If you are into crawling around in muddy, dark holes and tunnels with only a candle in your hand, this one's for YOU!! Caving by Candle Light entails a 2-3 hour adventure. We will arm you with an over-all, a helmet and 1 candle for this muddy activity. We will take you through some tunnels, where you can walk upright; into a few large chambers; down muddy bum-slides; and through smaller tunnels, such as the drain-pipe, where you will be required to Snake Slither your way out. Please bring along some old clothes and a pair of shoes

The 16m climbing wall has 3 levels of difficulty to cater for your very first time, to experiences climbers. Our qualified guides and quality equipment makes climbing at Induna Adventures SAFE. Climbing is a sport using strength tempered by technique, it is a balance between anxiety and determination finding pathways through the impossible. It is a playground that prepares you mentally for life. Stability balance and leg strength are the key factors, not upper-body strength so it is perfect for all ages and sexes, from expert climbers to keen kids.

Balloon flights take place in the very early morning. Flying in a hot air balloon is a gentle adventure, and an experience unlike any other. Moving along at wind speed the balloon is part of the climate of the day and the ride is calm. The wraparound view of the earth and sky is one which can be experienced in no other way. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while the balloon is being inflated. During the flight passengers can relax and sip sparkling wine while they watch the sun rise.

An activity for the adventurous!  Explore areas uninhabited by man while enjoying yourself: rock hopping, bum sliding, pool crawling, hiking, river traversing and throwing yourself over the edge into breathtaking pools. You cannot deny yourself this opportunity to experience the outdoors with all your senses. Duration: 4- 5 hours, cold beverages and snacks included.  Minimum age: 15 years. 

The best way to see game!! We collect you at your hotel in our luxury 4x4 Open Safari Vehicles and take you on safari to the Kruger National Park. Your FGASA/THETA registered guide will share his knowledge of the bush and game with you.

A unique opportunity to walk in the bush in the Mdluli private concession in the Kruger National Park! We collect you in the early hours of the morning or mid-afternoon, and take you to Mdluli for a 3 hour walk in the wilderness, where your guide will share his knowledge of the bush and animals with you. The rate includes mineral water and snacks. Regret no kids under 14 yrs

Personal attention is our forte, join us on our Spectacular Canyon tour and enjoy the experience!
For sheer visual splendor, the escarpment of the Panorama Route in Mpumalanga takes you through majestic gorges awash with magnificent waterfalls. View the spectacular 26km expanse of the Blyde River Canyon and be amazed at the Bourke's Luck Potholes where the constant gushing water has created extraordinary rock formations, take a peek through God's Window and be enchanted by the breathtaking view.
Curio Shopping, Refreshments and Lunch along the way. 

HAZYVIEW - A spectacular waterfall marks the start of your white water tubing adventure in the upper Sabie River in an  area inaccessible to few. Duration approx. 3 hours. Rates include tubes, life jackets, helmets, trained River Guides and light refreshments. No children under 14.  

Why would anybody strap themselves onto a high speed pulley running on a 450m long cable, descending a mountain at a gradient of 45 degrees, reaching a speed of up to 100km/h, wind screaming in your ears, trees flashing past you - and you find yourself suspended in mid air screaming on top of your voice? Because it's fast, it's fun, it's safe and it is what life is all about!

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